This product is a school bag which is made of fiber and hemp. There are 3 zipper tied around this bag however this bag can be customize according to users needs. This school bag is very light weight therefore it gives comfort to the bag carrier. This is the multicolor bag pack with fine texture of cotton clotted around the back of bag.

$ 12.00


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5 - 10$ 12.60
11 - 20$ 12.32
21 - 50$ 11.90


This is the school bag. We used fiber and hemp to make this school bag. This bag pack consists of 3 main zipper and side zipper too. This main purpose of this school bag is to carry books and stationery whereas consumers can also use this school bag to carry small clothing items. We have made this with some quality fiber and cotton therefore this school bag is very durable.

Additional information

Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions 60 × 80 × 90 mm


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