• Handmade in Nepal (Traditionally Waved, Hand Loom)
  • Materials: Cashmere + Pashmina
  • Custom color is also possible
  • Available in different of Color
  • Stole Size : Width: 28 inches – Length: 80 inches.
  • Stole Size : Width: 36 inches – Length: 80 inches.

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5 - 10$ 45.00
11 - 20$ 44.00
21 - 50$ 42.50


This is the Cashmere Pashmina Shawl. You all can have this shawl in a size of 28″x 80″.  The combination of  Cashmere Pashmina and wool makes the product more luxurious and versatile.  You can find this product in verity of color like white, black, orange etc. 

We are making the pashmina fabric from undercoat hair of the Himalayan mountain goat called chyangra.

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